Which are the do’s and don’ts when flying in a private jet

It is almost time for you to embark to your first flight inside a private jet, and you feel a bit awkward because it’s new, and you don’t know what you can and cannot do. Maybe you were invited to a party on an island, or maybe you are going on a very important business trip. Whichever the case may be, you need to know a few ground rules…even if you will be up in the sky.private jets are awesome
What you can do
· You can and should enjoy the flight, you are after all, having a trip, and every trip should be enjoyed.
· You are free to use the restroom any time you want. Unless it’s one of those times you need to use a seatbelt. You may be in a private jet, but you are still human (leieprivatfly Norge).
· You can serve anything that the personnel brings you, alcoholic drinks are not off limits.
· You can have a small party in the plane, as long as you don’t cause too much havoc that would disturb the pilots.
What you can’t and shouldn’t ever attempt
· Transporting drugs is definitely a no-no. It may be a private jet, and security may be very low, but you can never know when you may end up in jail. Obviously, drugs are not ethical either.
· Getting drunk. No, you can’t do that, not even if you are the only passenger on the flight.
· Yu can’t allow your dog to jump around, inside a private jet. You may be allowed to bring your pet on board, but you must keep it calm and safe.
Flying with a private jet is a very pleasant experience, and you should enjoy it all the way, but you should be aware of the fact that you still need to be a decent person, and consider how everyone else is feeling, including the crew.

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How lack of vitamin D impact the entire WORLD

If you are reading this article, you probably know what vitamin D is, and why we all need it. Also, you might be a very self-aware person who thinks about the future of his health. But did you ever stopped to think, how vitamin D impacts the World? Probably not, but I am here to change all that.

vitamin d deficiency worldwide
Vitamin D is not just a simple nutrient, it starts by being a hormone. In time, it transforms in what we know we need to build stronger bones and to keep the flu away.
What most people don’t think about is the changes that this hormone goes through.
For example, did you know that bad cholesterol turns into vitamin D, when the skin is exposed for a sufficient amount of time, to sunlight (d vitamin mangel symptomer)?
Did you know that if you have enough vitamin D, running through your veins, you are much less likely to ever catching a cold?
You might think: that’s fine, but what does it have to do with the entire world?
Well, think about it…
Many people in this world suffer from vitamin D depletion. This causes them to have weak bones, to have many upper respiratory infections during one year, and to have high cholesterol levels.
In turn, the conditions that they develop due to the lack of vitamin D, forces them to buy medication to treat those conditions. Those drugs don’t come cheap, and there are many companies that make a fortune because of this.

You also need to think about the pollution that takes place by producing the medication needed to help people who suffer from vitamin D depletion.
As you can see, there are many aspects to this story, and all of them combined, lead to an entire world of problems, and all because one little vitamin was missing…vitamin D.

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Testosterone supplements – an explanatory guide.

E you checking online for testosterone supplements? Do you want to buy some, to obtain some long promised beneficial effects?
Stop! First, you need to know more about them. In this day and age, everything is for sale, and not everything does what it’s supposed to.
This may not be the case with testosterone supplements, but you still need to know a bit more about them, before making a decision. Remember, an informed decision, is a smart decision.
So, what are testosterone supplements, and what do they do?
They are pills, drops, sprays and other liquids meant to bring more testosterone into your system, in order to:
· Improve the way your hair looks. As you age, your hormones decreases, and you start losing hair (alhainen testosteronin puute oireet).
· Make your sex life enjoyable, and more efficient. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be able to carry your wife 10 blocks, just to prove a point, but testosterone supplements could help you in bed, and they will most definitely help your wife.
· Build muscles as you used to. Muscle mass is very dependent on testosterone, and when this hormone isn’t at its peak, you won’t look your best. I won’t lie, you won’t become the new Hulk, but you could lose that belly and regain your pecks.
What do you think? Are testosterone supplements something that you are interested in? Do you need the benefits that they provide? Or are you young and in the best shape ever, and you are just checking this out for a friend?

testosterone virality
No matter what your choice will be, please understand that using a testosterone supplement, doesn’t replace a healthy diet, and a decent amount of exercises. There are plenty men out there, who have a great testosterone level, and still are not at their best.

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Are testosterone supplements the new menopause vitamin?

The title of this article is a peculiar question, to say the least. Testosterone supplements aren’t a very common notion for women, and there are just a few people who recommend them.
So why are we talking about them in the first place?
Well, the simple fact that there aren’t many people out there who know about testosterone supplementation in woman, doesn’t mean that it’s not a valid notion.

Testosteron tabletter
Science is evolving fast, and we are learning new information every day, and the information we are going to discuss today refers strictly at how testosterone supplements can improve the life of women.
When we age our hormones age with us, and this is even more (köpa testosterontillskott och tabletter)  pregnant in women. For decades, doctors focused their attention on estrogen, when trying to treat disturbing symptoms of menopause, but they finally realized that testosterone has a great implication too.
Low testosterone levels affect bone health, energy level and sex drive.
This is why, many women find it difficult to perform daily task, when they reach 50 years of age. Even if sex is not as important as when they were young, there are those who’d enjoy an active sex life, especially at this point, when they don’t have to worry about the risk of pregnancy, and when they have the experience to help them obtain what they want and like.
Testosterone supplements can bring the desire back, and can offer more energy to women.
Another great thing about a testosterone boost is that hair will become thicker and shinier, along with stronger nails.
Of course, testosterone supplementation isn’t for everyone, and you should check your hormonal levels before deciding what to do in the future.
Growing old isn’t the prettiest of things, but with it comes wisdom, and we can make better choices, which sometimes lead to a testosterone supplement and a happier life.

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A story of testosterone supplements and fame

There are many things that help people be famous, and there aren’t many who think that hormones have a big impact on this issue. However, if you take a second look at this idea, you’ll see that it’s not as outrageous as it may seem. Testosterone has an impact on how man look and feel, so why wouldn’t it change the way the world views them?

Testosterone supplementation has gained a massive amount of popularity, thanks to the mass-media. A great part of the fame surrounding them is caused by famous people. Famous men, to be more exact.
It’s true that no celebrity out there would willingly admit to the fact that they use testosterone supplements, but the truth is, that they probably are using them.
There are many famous men, actors, artists and models, who look great, despite their age. They have to work really hard to obtain that look, especially if they are in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Of course, diet and exercise is their main weapon, but testosterone levels still drop after 30’s, and judging on how they look, and how they act, they probably have a little help in that department, from testosterone supplements.
This is by no means an accusation. A real men isn’t afraid to recognize his weaknesses, and a smart men will do something to correct them.
I am certain that some of the famous people we see out there, have done their homework, and decided in their best interest. This is why I know that they are using testosterone supplements to look younger, to feel better, and to be able to engage in different activates.
There is no shame in using supplements to augment the level of testosterone, I know that this doesn’t make you famous, but it does help us cope with growing old.

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Pros & Cons of testosterone supplements

Hormones are definitely the building stones of our emotional and physical life, and they are never the same. It doesn’t matter if we are aware of it or not, but all our life we struggle with hormone fluctuating and with how this affects us.

Testosterone supplements is a hormone replacement method that could help men cope with the changes that occur at some point in their life.
The pharmaceutical industry, isn’t always willing to tell us the entire story. They tend to tell us only what we want to hear, in order to buy what they are selling.
This is why, we will briefly present the real Pros & Cons of using testosterone supplements, so that you can make an informed decision.


· Increased energy level – by speeding up the metabolic rate, you will feel fresher and more alert
· Better sex life – testosterone supplements “inject” the very hormone that drives desire
· More muscles – If you work out, your muscles have a better chance to develop properly, and to look better.
· More strength – did you pull a muscle helping your neighbor move in? Well, testosterone supplements won’t turn you into Hercules, but they will bring back the strength that you once had.
· Less fat – No one likes to wear a belt just to hide a big belly, and a testosterone supplement helps you burn more calories.


· Increased risk of stroke – this could be due to a rise in cholesterol or due to cloth formation inside the arteries
· Testosterone supplements were found to be at fault for an increased number of heart attacks
· Prostate cancer was linked to the use of this artificial hormone, in fact its use doubles the risk
· Awful sleep can have its roots in testosterone supplementation, because sleep apnea is strongly related to it
No matter what your reasoning is, make sure that you have all the facts, before making any important life decision.

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