A story of testosterone supplements and fame

There are many things that help people be famous, and there aren’t many who think that hormones have a big impact on this issue. However, if you take a second look at this idea, you’ll see that it’s not as outrageous as it may seem. Testosterone has an impact on how man look and feel, so why wouldn’t it change the way the world views them?

Testosterone supplementation has gained a massive amount of popularity, thanks to the mass-media. A great part of the fame surrounding them is caused by famous people. Famous men, to be more exact.
It’s true that no celebrity out there would willingly admit to the fact that they use testosterone supplements, but the truth is, that they probably are using them.
There are many famous men, actors, artists and models, who look great, despite their age. They have to work really hard to obtain that look, especially if they are in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Of course, diet and exercise is their main weapon, but testosterone levels still drop after 30’s, and judging on how they look, and how they act, they probably have a little help in that department, from testosterone supplements.
This is by no means an accusation. A real men isn’t afraid to recognize his weaknesses, and a smart men will do something to correct them.
I am certain that some of the famous people we see out there, have done their homework, and decided in their best interest. This is why I know that they are using testosterone supplements to look younger, to feel better, and to be able to engage in different activates.
There is no shame in using supplements to augment the level of testosterone, I know that this doesn’t make you famous, but it does help us cope with growing old.

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