How lack of vitamin D impact the entire WORLD

If you are reading this article, you probably know what vitamin D is, and why we all need it. Also, you might be a very self-aware person who thinks about the future of his health. But did you ever stopped to think, how vitamin D impacts the World? Probably not, but I am here to change all that.

vitamin d deficiency worldwide
Vitamin D is not just a simple nutrient, it starts by being a hormone. In time, it transforms in what we know we need to build stronger bones and to keep the flu away.
What most people don’t think about is the changes that this hormone goes through.
For example, did you know that bad cholesterol turns into vitamin D, when the skin is exposed for a sufficient amount of time, to sunlight (d vitamin mangel symptomer)?
Did you know that if you have enough vitamin D, running through your veins, you are much less likely to ever catching a cold?
You might think: that’s fine, but what does it have to do with the entire world?
Well, think about it…
Many people in this world suffer from vitamin D depletion. This causes them to have weak bones, to have many upper respiratory infections during one year, and to have high cholesterol levels.
In turn, the conditions that they develop due to the lack of vitamin D, forces them to buy medication to treat those conditions. Those drugs don’t come cheap, and there are many companies that make a fortune because of this.

You also need to think about the pollution that takes place by producing the medication needed to help people who suffer from vitamin D depletion.
As you can see, there are many aspects to this story, and all of them combined, lead to an entire world of problems, and all because one little vitamin was missing…vitamin D.

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