Pros & Cons of testosterone supplements

Hormones are definitely the building stones of our emotional and physical life, and they are never the same. It doesn’t matter if we are aware of it or not, but all our life we struggle with hormone fluctuating and with how this affects us.

Testosterone supplements is a hormone replacement method that could help men cope with the changes that occur at some point in their life.
The pharmaceutical industry, isn’t always willing to tell us the entire story. They tend to tell us only what we want to hear, in order to buy what they are selling.
This is why, we will briefly present the real Pros & Cons of using testosterone supplements, so that you can make an informed decision.


· Increased energy level – by speeding up the metabolic rate, you will feel fresher and more alert
· Better sex life – testosterone supplements “inject” the very hormone that drives desire
· More muscles – If you work out, your muscles have a better chance to develop properly, and to look better.
· More strength – did you pull a muscle helping your neighbor move in? Well, testosterone supplements won’t turn you into Hercules, but they will bring back the strength that you once had.
· Less fat – No one likes to wear a belt just to hide a big belly, and a testosterone supplement helps you burn more calories.


· Increased risk of stroke – this could be due to a rise in cholesterol or due to cloth formation inside the arteries
· Testosterone supplements were found to be at fault for an increased number of heart attacks
· Prostate cancer was linked to the use of this artificial hormone, in fact its use doubles the risk
· Awful sleep can have its roots in testosterone supplementation, because sleep apnea is strongly related to it
No matter what your reasoning is, make sure that you have all the facts, before making any important life decision.

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