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Are Testosterone supplements the New Viagra?

Everyone wants to live forever, in fact the quest for immortality has tormented people from the moment we developed a conscience. Do you know what is the second most hoped for ability? To live long and prosper.

The idea of having a life that’s long, happy and well lived would be a dream come true (http://atgbcentral.com/).
Happiness comes from a variety of things, and testosterone supplements promise to make people a bit happier by offering sexual function improvement during all life stages.
As men age, their testosterone levels drop to a minimum. In fact, after the age of 30, this hormone goes down with approximately 1 percent per year. This is why, testosterone supplements were developed, and the reason for which so many men are looking into them.

Could testosterone supplements really improve sex life, or it’s just another myth that the media is trying to sell us?
Well, the answer is yes and no, but let’s see why.


Sex life depends on our hormones, and with men, things are clear. No testosterone translates in no desire and no erection. This doesn’t mean that men who suffer from a low hormone level don’t want to enjoy all life’s pleasures, we are humans after all. However it does mean that it would be more difficult and much more frustrating.
Testosterone supplements work by replacing the hormonal gap in an artificial way, and the patient who receives the treatment can live a normal sexual life.


Sometimes, hormones aren’t the problem, no matter what we choose to believe. It’s true that reaching for a testosterone supplement is easy, but we need to look for all the reasons that could be at fault for a deficient sex life. Many problems need to be investigated properly, before taking the plunge and using a testosterone supplement.

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Sometimes we fall victims to our hormones, and in these cases, a testosterone supplement can be the answer we are looking for, but for all other cases, we need to dig dipper with the help of a doctor or inside our own mind.